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    2000 yamaha SUV: Will not turn over: Starting Issues.

    I have done the following:
    1. Checked the battery
    2. Replaced start fuse
    3. Checked bendix

    My first attempt at starting proved successful. Engine turned over very quickly. On second attempt, electrical box just makes the clicking noise. Pulled magneto cover and discovered the spring/washers in the housing were missing. Replaced them and reinstalled magneto cover. At this point, I figured this was the problem, however, still makes clicking noise. I don't see how it could be the starter because it turned over fine the first attempt.
    Next step?????

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    Make sure you can rotate the motor and driveline by hand you may have a prop stuck in the wear ring.

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    thanks but that works too.

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    Put a tester on the starter wire thats hooked to the starter then try to start if the starter relay is clicking and your getting power to the starter then remove the starter and bench test it.

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    wanna sell it?! i need one, lol....

    like mudslanger said.... see if you have power going to the starter, if not replace the relay. they go bad very commonly

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