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    Help with finding Parts

    Hey guys,

    Polaris X45 1999 - which i belive is the STL-X aswell>

    I have tried searching part pit stop for a ignition box - Part number 4010377.

    They say they do not have one, Can anyone help me with finding a new or second hand one? also help with a coil too- they sell for $122 on part pit stop - 4010174 .

    I have found a Ebay auction for the two in a box etc for $399, but if possible would prefer to buy each individually if it means saving a few bucks.

    The exchange rate is KILLING me!!!

    Thanks in Advance

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    Have you tried

    Both parts are shown as available. The CDI appears to be specific to the '99 model year carb'd 1200 motors. The coil crosses to all '99 and '00 1200 and 1050 motors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taites View Post
    ...Polaris X45 1999 ...
    also known as STLX-B

    ... Part number 4010377.

    ... coil 4010174 ...
    You need a replacement for the CDI in your 1999 SLTX-B (aka X-45 model) - correct?

    Are you sure the existing CDI is bad, and the magneto stator is good?

    The SLTX-B (along with the new-for-1999 Genesis) had the very first year of 1200 engine production, and the ignition system was also the very first year for the Gen III version. Both stator and CDI are different for Gen III compared to the previous Gen II systems used on other 1999 models. All 1200 engines used the Gen III ignition system, although the parts were upgraded from time to time.

    You can use the CDI from a later model year 1200 engine. The only caveat is that the CDI you use must not have the 'High Start' specification.

    The ignition coil pack is similar across all three cylinder red domestic engines. There are really only two versions, and I suspect that either will work. The main difference is the coil ohms. 4010342 is the official replacement part number.

    If you are OK with good used parts, contact John Zigler. Contact details can be found in the Parts Sources link from my signature links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taites View Post
    The exchange rate is KILLING me!!!
    Exchange is better than ever on the NZ. Your getting about.76 in the dollar, close to all time highs and far better than a year ago when you were getting .48 - it could be worse!

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    Any ideas where I can find a coil for a '98 SLTX? I already have the stator update, but the coil has tested bad....and I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwade3 View Post
    Any ideas where I can find a coil for a '98 SLTX? I already have the stator update, but the coil has tested bad....and I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere.
    This place says they have them in stock, but they're $135.
    Jet Ski Polaris Ignition Coil - Atlantic Jet Sports Waverunner Jetski Engines, Parts & Accessories

    Here's one on ebay for $55
    Polaris SLX 1050 Coil Coils - eBay (item 250773963868 end time Mar-16-11 18:13:25 PDT)

    Post an ad in classified here....I'm sure somebody has a few kicking around.

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    I really appreciate the help! I've been looking for that coil forever!

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