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    Cool Installing Ocean Pro Flame Arrestors on a 2001 Yamaha XL700 Advice/Tips Needed!

    I need to know if I have to do something to the carbs after installing these Flame Arrestors any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Is it worth the trouble of adding after market flame arrestors?

    Will it consume more gas and will it create less smoke than before, I'm doing it the premix way?

    Overall what are the pros and cons of adding after market flame arrestors?


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    flame arrestors work as part of a package, when moddifying a motor. by them selves, i doubt you will notice much inclrease.

    if you do install, you will need to adjust/tune your carbs, and probably need to lower your pop off pressure, as you will have less vacume in the carb throats, with the increased air flow.

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    On my xl 700 I actually found a rejet worked the best they are lean from the factory IMHO

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