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    99 GP1200 build NEED YOUR HELP!!!

    Just wanted some feedback on what kind of upgrades you guys recommend on this ski. It's having the top repainted right now I'll post some pics soon.

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    gp1200 65U mods
    Ride plate
    Intake Grate
    Flame Arrestors
    high compression head
    XO impeller

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    Don;t forget the Pro-tec trim tabs:
    Click here 2002

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    AS Cutlass said, +
    Tee the cooling line going to front of head and send it to a pisser-good for about 50rpm's.
    Can't find/afford a aftermarket head-just get the stocker skimmed by 60 thou.
    Go premix.
    97-mid 98 have zero degree exit nozzle, mid 98-99 have 5 degree-it's faster!
    Riva made 2 plates for these skis-the Riva RY21017RF is the good one.-Riva RY21016RF is rubbish! Id go with the Bullett racing cf one if you ever find one!
    Best intake R&D then Riva, Pro-tec. If you get the Pro-tec one, a good mod is to cut the outside wings.
    Stick a 120 main jet in the carb return line to increase carb fuel pressure.
    Unlike the gpr-no need to rejet when you fit f/a's to the engine, just open the highs out a quarter and tune from there.
    Just reading my old notes here, and im seriously wondering why I sold mine!

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