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    Oil change

    I have the following - 09 230 Challenger SE 510HP, 08 RXT-X 255HP and 10 GTI 155 which all need oil changes. To take everything back to a dealer is a lot of towing ( 1 hour one way). I plan on doing the oil changes myself. What oil filter and oil do you guys recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_dolla44 View Post

    +1 keep it simple. And, if you don't have one get this - HT Moto Fluid Extractor Pump [3801-0027] - $55.95 :

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    +1 on the HT Moto. Works very well, clean and neat. Do a search for oil changes in the search bar. It will give you a step by step. Same process on each of the engines.

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