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    Red Bull-"Ski" Movie

    Take the time to watch it in HD.....truly jaw dropping camera work from Brain Farms, the production company out of Wyoming;

    I know some of you know a little about video production/shooting. But, how the heck did they "fly" the camera through the tree's(wasn't the helicopter), pull focus, follow the skier, and catch the jump....??!!! The camera for that shot, I believe, was the Phantom HD Gold, which is one of the newest HD high speed video camera's.

    Now why can't WE have a video like this, promoting PWC Racing/Riding???
    Oh...and I'm guessing the budget for this production was in the Millions of dollars

    What the heck is in that Red Bull energy drink anyways?? Crack?? They must sell a butt load of it!!!! Check out some of their other videos on their You Tube page.
    So, who's going after the Red Bull PWC sponsorship???? I know we got a lot of
    Monster Energy sponsored riders....where are the Red Bull guys???
    FYI-never tasted either. Not into "energy drinks". But, if it helps promote the sport, I'm all for it!!!!
    This is the kind of stuff WE need to get PWC racing back where it belongs.........just saying.

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    thanks, looked awesome on the 50 inch screen..

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    Redbull has some great videos. This one is probably my favorite...

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