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    Skat trak prop pitches???

    Hi generally how close are skat props out of the box? or are they quite often out a bit?

    thanks ian

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    terrible as far as i seen.

    i was actually going to start a new thread on the topic, the last to skat props i just bought new from riva where way off on pitch, they where both supposed to be 13/22's and one was 14 on the leading edges and 23 - 22 on the trailing edges.
    the other one on the leading edge was 13 - 13 - 14 - and 21-22-23 on the traling edge..

    also after i repitched all blades the same, i feel a slight vibration on low end from these props, so im guessing if skat balanced these props whith the leading- traling edges all uneven, after you pitch all blades the same the balancing will be thrown off??

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    coco's right.

    13/25 on the box measured to be a 13/23.

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    My 13/23 measured 14/22. If you have to pitch more than a few degrees I'd reconmemnd sending it out to impros.

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