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    problem with oil tank/dipstick not going in.

    Hello everyone,

    well yesterday i had my toy in the water and was working nice.

    today i was cleaning the engine, checking that everything was ok, then i decided to take a look at the oil, i opened the tank everything was good.

    the problem happened when i tried to put the dipstick back into the tank, i don't know that happened but i think i forced and now the dipstick is not going all the way in, i can't closed it.

    i remove the hose that goes to the tank (same to drain the oil) and i put a flash light and i see a metal plate down there, i can see like a hole that i think is the hole where the dipstick goes, that hole is like on the other side so there is no way to get the dipstick all the way in. i tried to move that plate but no results, i don't want to forced and then cause a bigger problem.

    can somebody help me with this, do i have to open the oil tank and fix it, or take it to a dealer.

    thanks a lot

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    Sounds like a Weber engine

    The original oil tanks have a known problem with the baffle coming loose. It can be repaired, or you can buy an upgraded oil tank which has several improvements.

    The oil tank internal baffle can become loose inside
    How to fix it
    Using air pressure and mild heat to get the tank apart (be careful)

    Weber Oil Tank upgrade Kit with Catch can

    BTW, you should also have a look at this MSX 110 and MSX 150 web page.

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