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    Cool GPR 800 cyl with triple pipes INFO!!!

    I want know if somebody use cylinder GPR 800 into GPR 1200 with triple pipes!
    I'd like also to bore 84 mm and plate the 800 cyl and use gpr 1300 pistons.
    I need news about my next projet

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    The guys who owns I had spoken to him a while back about something else and he had mentioned he had done the 800 cylinder setup on hte 1200 case I dont remember if he ran tripples or not. pretty nice guy to talk to.

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    I am pretty sure Insandiego Joe used to run the 800 cyl set up w/triples on his GPR.

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    I know Forrest uses the 800 cylinders too, on his triple. But if you are
    boring the cylinder to 1300, remember you won't be able to open the
    exhaust width up as much because the rear transfer port extendeds
    toward the exhaust. So basically if you go hog wide on your width, you
    could actually hit your transfer area or not have much left. So that space is limited. On the
    good side, the exhaust is already raised 1 mm over the 1200 cylinder,
    so they would work pretty good just by bolting them on. So it really
    depends on how much porting you want to do on the cylinders. It would
    probably be a big concern if you ever decieded on going 1400cc in the

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    I have 3ea. of the 800 cylinders for sale if anyone is looking

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