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    tie down straps. rear of gpr to trailer. what are you guys using?

    so as you guys know the gpr has two holes on the rear deck of it to use to strap it down to the trailer. mine are mismatched, since the guy i bought it from lost one. one of them is a faded red one, that has that clip that goes up straight then lays flat ( to go through the ski) with a hook on one end and an adjuster in the middle. then the new one he bought says Yamaha on it, but it has two hooks, so you have to hook it to itself and then tighten it. it also has that neat hook that goes through the hull.

    im looking for 2 that match, and these will loosen up after driving it down the road. im looking for ones with that special end on it, with one hook for the trailer end, and then instead of a pull to tighten adjuster with teeth on it (much like a hink belt thats spring loaded) , im looking for something with a ratchet strap sort of thing on it so it tightens and wont loosen until i release it.

    ill post pics of my straps later on when i get home to show you what im talking about.

    am i better off getting normal ratchet straps from advance auto and using my ends for the ski side ?

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    thats all you need back there, a heaving line knot ,thread through that and around the back frame of the trailer... you can then run the staps through the stern holes or you can run them up to the grab handle ...I cant run a strap through the stern holes because of the Leo's holeshot piece covers them...I would take extra precaution and run a strap vertically over and under the seat then under the of those tightening belts that locks...stops ski from bouncing on rough roads...

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    Fivespeed, don`t waste your time buying the ones that are cam style buckle, they will loosen with every bump. also you need an attachment point on the trailer. Do not overtighten whatever straps you get, it will put stress on the back of the ski and crack...
    I`ll post a pic of what I use shortly...BRB

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    5spd these are modified Yamaha tie downs. I originally bought them from the dealer. I had an issue with the cam buckle lossening, so I had a few 1" wide ratchet type straps and removed the cam buckles and installed the ratchets from the other straps! wala!!!
    you can see the eyelet attached to the trailer bracket for the hook end of the strap.

    another way is to use 1 long strap and feed the strap up from one hole, across the back deck, down into the hole and secure to trailer. that just takes a few more minutes and is not as quick as releasing and securing 2 separate straps...

    I`m not a fan of single or multiple straps around or under the seat or around anything near the pump area...and or tie to the rear grab bar, especially one that`s painted!

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    1-- 2 inch thick strap going from trailer over the ski/craft/boat is the best for towing/hauling and god forbid an accident ,, in some states its the LAW to have an over the boat strap that IS NOT attached to the boat and if you get into an accident without the proper trailer straps your insurance will NOT pay for damages to the boat or what it hits..,,
    plus the back tie downs do nothing for bouncing over an over pass but allow the craft to bounce up then slam back down stressing the rolling assembly .
    with 1 proper strap over the middle you dont even need the bow loop--
    I got nailed hard towing a ski in Miami once and the bow strap broke cause the ski only moved 6 inches.But if i didnt have the big strap over the ski it would have landed inside my jeep..
    it did shatter the sterring nozzle ,but his car was pucked so hard he had to wait for a tow truck... haha his buick grill and half of his radiator has under the trailer hahahahahahahahah
    i had those neet yami straps and gave them away ,,GO BIG and be secure.
    mattman out

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    Another tip is to position the rear of the boat as close to the rear bunk support as possible. This reduces leaverage on the tie downs so your not flexing the boat so bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    Another tip is to position the rear of the boat as close to the rear bunk support as possible. This reduces leaverage on the tie downs so your not flexing the boat so bad.
    another safety device is to have a safety chain from the bow eye to the winch stand...
    I`ve seen the results from people installing the strap over the seat and sides of the ski, ugly, very ugly...

    here is a different take on the subject:

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    just went and took some pictures of the stock straps. still haven't figured how to load them to a reply but they are stock and i have gone way faster than my gp1300r will ever go and i was towing it with stock straps on rear. i always hook a strap to front of bow and around crank for added peice of mind and security. pics are in my album
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    Did you miss this post?

    Freebie gone but pm me if interested.

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    I will be picking my 09 FX SHO in like 2 days!!!

    I am very interested in how guys are tying their ski's down too. I would like to see some PICS of what you guys are talking about. In the past when friends would haul their ski's around they just had 2 straps in the back from ski to trailer, and then up front they just had the winch holding it. I know friends that have done this for years with no porblems.

    The thing is with me when i get my ski, is that on occasion i will be hauling that thing long distances to go play in different areas. So i would like to have the best set up so i will have piece of mind when going down the road.

    Thanks for your time

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