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    Cool dsw222's new toy... GP1300R project

    While a good portion of you guys were enjoying the Florida sun, I just spent the entire day driving through snow from Pittsburgh to Michigan and back to pick up my new-to-me GP1300R.... and I'm ready to start building it up

    The ski is a 2003 with 54 hours on her, and I bought it from the original owner (he bought it in mid-2004 as a "last year's model"). It came with a 2004 yacht club trailer, and they both sat in his garage for the past 3-4 years with the exception of getting it serviced at the dealer to get it in selling condition. It is completely stock.

    It looks to be in pretty good condition, with only a few nicks/scrapes on the bow and about 4-5 inches peeled away from one of the bottom decals (nothing major). The keel is perfect so it looks like it was never beached, and the engine bay is clean. It definitely needs new plugs, but it started up after about 10 seconds of cranking. The compression is 120 on each jug.

    I'm a big guy (6'8 265 lbs) but I'd love to be able to get to the low 70's while still keeping the ski reliable due to our short riding season. Since I ride in Pittsburgh, it will be set up for rivers but I'd like to take it up to Lake Erie a couple times a summer to enjoy some waves. Speed is a bigger priority than agility, but I would like to find a good mix.

    I'll try to clean it up and get some better pics this weekend, and hopefully this can be a successful build thread!

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    I got a 1200 at the end of last season intending to modding that one, so I started collecting parts over the winter... then I found the deal on the 1300 and thought it would be better to start with a slightly faster ski (and the EFI is a plus for me)

    I'd love to keep both, but it doesn't make sense for me to do that right now. So I will probably end up selling the parts that I can't use on the 1300 on the classifieds here, and will sell the ski itself when I get a chance to put it back together

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    DOOD!!! Congrats Bro! Awesome find! Good Luck!

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    My buddy and I built 4 of the "bomb proof stands" that are outlined in the thread below

    Thanks to twinturbostang for the pics and drawing... that thread helped out a lot!

    The stands turned out great and they came out to only cost about 40-50 bucks each (the pic below was taken before the wheels came in the mail)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider View Post
    DOOD!!! Congrats Bro! Awesome find! Good Luck!
    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to building it up and enjoying it next summer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsw222 View Post
    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to building it up and enjoying it next summer!
    yeah man!
    there are many masters here, WFO, Philip, Ink, Tommy J (2fast4u), Jim`s performance, the list is long. you know what you have to do! The Force is with you dsw!

    efi controller
    jim`s FF plate or IR mod4 plate
    intake grate
    stepped sponsons
    a tach!!!
    prop/pump work
    Coco`s kit or home made tunnel reinforcement
    driveshaft hose replacement
    jetworks holeshot kit
    etc etc etc...

    premix, I believe is highly recommended, but also a personal choice...

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    the first thing to do is to upgrade the pump shoe tie bars inside the hull to the oem ones used it the latter gprs 05 and up. and them re enforce the tunnel on the top inside of hull in side . These two things I have mentioned are a MUST DO !!! Tommy Jordan

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    Here's my tentative list of upgrades... feedback is appreciated!

    Already Purchased:
    PET2100 tach
    Tunnel reinforcement with thick carbon fiber and updated shoe brackets
    Sealed pump shoe
    SHO steering nozzle
    Rule 500 auto bilge pump with SPDT switch and carbon fiber switch cover in the glovebox
    Delete syphon bilge
    Delete visibility spout
    Free flow exhaust
    1200 waterbox
    Air flow mods
    Stepped sponsons (going to experiment with Riva's too)
    Skegged R&D plate
    R&D 1200 grate
    Stock metal trim tabs
    87mm nozzle
    Wave Eater clips
    Riva race filter

    Did not purchase yet, open to opinons:
    D plate with chip
    Oil pump blockoff (and run Amsoil Interceptor 40:1)
    EFI controller
    Jim's FF mod on the R&D plate
    Jim's head mod to 150psi
    HO pump with 14/20 dynafly prop
    Hydroturf... Maybe blue camo
    Jettribe cover


    Will the GP1200R still run ok with a 1300 waterbox if I swap them?

    I'm guessing it would be expensive to replace the one side's stock graphic that sits about where your feet go on the waterline? Any sources?

    Would gas valves be a good choice instead of the wave eaters at this point? I don't know if its worth the cost... but buying wave eaters instead would be a good chunk of that price wasted if i go to gas valves in the future
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    I think the 1200 will run fine with the 1300 might just lose a few rpm.

    I would run the 85mm nozzle when you go to the HO pump and dynafly prop. Just test them both and see what you like. The 85mm is 1mph faster on my ski.

    While you have it a part I would put in at least a 3 degree timming key. Cheap 60rpm+ gain and better acceleration.

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    Hey Bro,
    There is someone on PWC Today selling the wave eaters 4 best offer......

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