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    how to tell if the carb is 38mm and 44mm???

    hi guys, hows to identify if the carb is 38 or 44's?? thanx

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    Andy, what ski? Stock of aftermarket carbs?

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    i have a carb of a slx780 and i have a carb of a ra1100 i think its thesame.. are they really thesame just different jets?

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    That i dont know, your gonna probably have to wait till the morning for one of the gurus to chime in. If it were GPRs or XLT's I could of helped ya out, sorry.....

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    Just get a set of vernier calipers and measure the inside diameter of the carbs - intake side.

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    on the mikuni SBN carbs, a 38mm has 3 bolt holes on top, for the flame arrestor mount, and a 44mm has 4.

    SLX carbs will be 38mm.
    1100 yamaha carbs also has 38mm caarbs stock

    please note, even theough, they are BOTH mikuni carbs, and BOTH 38mm, they are not really the same carb. each manufacture has carbs made to their specs. internal circutry, intake manifold spacing/linkage, ect is different.

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