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    Enduro race

    Hi everyone.
    I was just wondering if i could get some advice, i want to enter a race here in australia called the bridge to bridge boat race, the race is 112 km long,most of the river is full throttle as in very little need to back off for bends.
    I was wondering is it advisable to ride with the engine at full throttle for such a long period of time?my ski is an 04 gtx sc with about 150 hrs on the clock,i have changed out the sc clutch washers and there are no mechanical issues that i know of.
    The reason i ask is that i am entering just for fun and would love to give it a go however if its going to quickly decrease the life span of the engine then i dont feel like its worth it.

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    i dont care what you have boat car lawn it for 60 miles flat out is hard on things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by breon View Post
    i dont care what you have boat car lawn it for 60 miles flat out is hard on things...
    +1, you've gotta remember it's now 7 years old. Wide open for 60 miles will put a beating on your craft for sure, not to mention I'm sure the field is packed with all kinds of new boats putting out BIG boost numbers...

    If you got the cash for an engine rebuild I say do it, if it's all stock and you've taken care of it... you should be fine, but that's the risk of racing. You have to pay to play!

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    Cool thanks guys i just wanted to know some peoples thoughts on the matter i might reconsider.

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