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    (2) Polaris Virage Jetskis and Trailer 4sale

    I have 2 Polaris Seadoo Virage jetski's and trailer Im tired of having them in my yard i have clean titles in hand. They don't run at the moment the TXI which is the gold color one need the EMM repaired/replaces

    the I which is the red one needs a new stator and CBI im selling them ASIS meaning they don't run i don't have the time or the money to fix them and i need to get them sold I lost my job and running low on money i had the seats repaired a few months ago for a guy that was sposed to come pick them up but never showed i was going to part them out but dont have the time to do it right now

    the trailer is worth some money by it self it was new when I bought the ski's but has started rusting and the board in the center came loose just needs 2 bolts put back in it.

    The ski's them selves are in pretty good shape the motors on both have under 40 hrs on them the compression is good on both if you have anymore questions just email me at anytime and ill get back to you shortly my location is ardmore oklahoma 73443 i can meet you half way for gas money or you can have someone come pick them up/ship them whatever you want to do.

    I have pictures of them just email me at [email protected] and ill email them to you i dont know how to post pictures on here.

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    Oh yea their both 2002 models and direct injection the txi is a 1200 and the i is an 800

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    email sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboyffa84 View Post
    ... I don't know how to post pictures on here.
    Click Advanced when replying to a post on your thread. Then scroll down to Manage Attachments button.

    Another window will open. Click Add Files button (top right corner), then click Select Files button to add the files (images) you want to upload.

    For a simpler uploader, click on Basic Uploader in the lower corner of the Add Files box.

    Once selected, click Upload. When uploading is complete, then click Done.

    Images should now be attached to your post.

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    I've seen you listing them on Craigslist for quite a while.

    What's your price?

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    If you weren't so far away, we would be talking

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    I want 2000 out of them but so far no luck if someone would come up on a price of just the jetski's id think about that or a trade

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    Thats a good deal. If I didnt have three skis now, I would buy them.

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    Do you have titles for the ski's and trailer? Looks like a nice package deal.

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