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    How to remove condensation from GPR LCD display

    I have a 2000 GPR. The LCD dash display has condensation behind the lens, so bad that its nearly impossible to read the RPM, speed or fuel level. Any ideas as to how I can remove the condensation?

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    Iv got a used one ill sell you. PM me if your interested.

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    If i cant get the condensation out I'll let you know, but I hate to buy one when the one I have works fine, I just cant see it. Any ideas guys on how to remove the condensation?

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    try the cell phone trick. Take it out of the ski and put it in ziplock bag with slica bags or rice. It may draw moisture out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scittb View Post
    try the cell phone trick. Take it out of the ski and put it in ziplock bag with slica bags or rice. It may draw moisture out.
    yes that would work temporarily but could fog up again...lets see why it happened in the first place..moisture is getting through somehow and alot..

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    I got a new displaybut have searched for a link on how to remove it but can't find anything. Anyone know how to remove the display?

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    a service manual would be helpful here;
    the gauge cluster is mounted in the center console, and you`ll need to loosen and remove a few parts to get to it.
    remove the 6mm brass nuts that are alongside in the storage bucket opening, remove the 8mm brass nuts that are inside the hull under the glove box area, you`ll see the ones that hold the console/glove box to the hull., remove the 4 allen head cap bolts that hold the fairing to the hull > 2 on each lower side.
    remove the steering bar pad, remove the plastic part that holds the steering bar pad.
    unplug all the electrical connectors to the gauge.

    grab the whole fairing/console assembly and lift up just enough to see the back side of the gauge cluster. if you don`t have sufficient room, you may need to remove the bars/bar clamps, and move the steering bars assy out of the way enough to have more room...
    (I ususally take everything out of the way by disconnecting the cables/bars so I can remove the faring/console...)

    remember to disconnnect all wiring connectors to the gauge, there are 2 6mm nuts that hold a retaining bracket to the back of the gauge, remove and pull gauge out...
    assembly is reversal of removal...hope this gets ya started...

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    I already have a new display. I just need to know how to remove the old one.

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