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    How bad is this?

    Long story short I got my 2000 gp1200r running at the very end of last summer and haven't even run a full tank of fuel yet. I winterized it and sent my carbs to oxide and got them reinstalled. Thanks to all the help from the forum members. I wanted to install the wave eater clips I ordered before taking the ski out this year. I got the middle and rear cylinder clips on no problem, however when I got to the front cylinder to my surprise and horror I spotted the power valve pin just laying in there already out. The pv was in the same position as the other two so not sure what damage may have been done. I attempted to remove the hex bolt in the center but someone has stripped it. I went ahead and fished the pin back in with tweezers and verified proper operation and cycling. I did a compression check and have right at 120 on each cylinder. My question is what should I do or check anything else or just run it and hope for the best?

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    If it was mine I would remove the valve for inspection. The retaining screw should be a allen head.

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    I did attempt to remove the Allen bolt but it was already rounded and I couldn't get any size metric or standard to break it loose. In order to get I out I figure I would have to remove the exhaust again and go from there unless someone has a better suggestion. Could I see the power valve using a bore scope?

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