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    GTI impeller and pump wedge question

    hey guys i know 4-TEC GTI'S are never going to be speed demons..... but i was wondering if anyone knows what mods can be done to my 2007 130HP GTI'S for a little extra speed.... i know there is an air filter, impeller and intake grate available for it.

    My question is is there a pump wedge available for it and...... if i upgrade the impeller could i just use the OEM impeller off of a 155hp GTI?

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    right here in the store, I have a 2007 gti 155 se, i added all these mods on it and i gps it at 57mph on glass, R&D Performer Kit for 155 HP Naturally Aspirated Sea Doo [4-tec NA Performer Kit] - $627.93 :

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