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    Can you flip a PWC to paint it, leaving the engine in?

    OK, I've read & heard all kinds of horror stories about possibly getting air in the oil injection system if you turn a PWC upside down & leave it, for instance, in the case of being prepped for & painted. I'm getting ready to paint mine & can do it lying on my back if need be, but flipping it would definitely make it easier to do the hull. I'm really not excited about pulling the engine(why make a big project bigger?) & actually I think I'd roll it on it's side &/or work under it before I would consider pulling the engine.
    Does anyone have any solid information about what can & can't be done, or how to do &/or what not to do, concerning leaving the engine in & flipping a PWC.
    The PWC I'm painting is a 94 Yamaha Waverunner III (2 cyl. carbureted, oil injuction[non pre-mix]).
    Just wanted to ask all the experts.

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    I flipped mine with the engine installed to paint it. I made a brace out of wood to take some of the tension off the motor mounts when it was fllipped.

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    Just flip it over, prep it, paint it, then bleed the oil injection when you are done.

    My experience is mostly with superjets... but pulling the engine on a WR-III shouldn't be too bad. Personally, I'd pull the motor and drain the fluids, but I understand your point of view.

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