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    Idea about the 300

    I was doing some reading and I had a thought. We believe the ski to be limited correct? I came across some information while reading a review that says that the ski is drive by wire ski (electronic throttle) I would guess that when the ski reaches a "limited speed" it simply shuts the throttle a little. If the intake manifold flange (throttle side) is the same as the 250 or 260, you could then theoretically bolt the old throttle on to the ski and run it with a manual throttle body. I would bet you would throw a code if you left it unplugged but what if you left the motor connected on the stock throttle body and used the throttle position sensor on the other one. The ecu would then kick the motor down but the tps would still read full throttle.

    Just a thought.


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    Do you know if the waterbox RIVA for 260x can use on the 300x

    Thank you

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