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    waiveraider 1100 spark question

    hi =) this problem of the waveraider 1100 is new to me, everytime i hit the start button, engine will start for 2seconds and dies, i got a fuel on my carb, i check the spark and spark will only occur for the seconds and no more, anyone have this kind of problem? could it be the Cdi? coils? help

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    is there any sensors need to bypass why it will only spark for 2 seconds and disappear?

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    check your switch where lanyard goes,check for loose connection at solenoid.its getting spark while the start button is held down so that means when you release starter button youre loosing spark,if you hold start button after it starts does it still run?if so check handle bar switch by unplugging black and white wire under hood coming from switch,if it cranks and runs its switch if its same your problem is elsewhere,ps if it starts and runs with BL/WH wires unplugged you will have to plug them back in to kill ski,(its one quick connect plug,hope this helps>Marvin

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