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    compression problem

    Was on the lake yesterday with my 95 polaris slx and it ran all day great. Went on one last run before I left the lake and was going about 40 mph and it just died. Could not get the ski to fire back up... took it home and found out the fuel filter was clogged up. I cleaned that out and changed the spark plugs and it fired up but didn't sound right heard some kind of raddling noise in the back of the ski. Don't know what that is... I took the spark plugs out and two of the three looked as if they were firing there was resin around the ring but the spark plug at the very front of engine looked brand new as if the cylinder is not getting gas. Put finger over cylinder tried to fire it up to check compression and it did have some. What reading should I be getting as far as compression and what could i do to get the firing issue fixed. Ski won't start now tries to turn over but won't and if it does start it dies within 3 seconds.

    Also, the elevator is not working. Was going to replace the motor but its pretty expensive is it ok to run the ski without the elevator working?

    Thanks for the advise

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    Check compression with a proper gauge. You may have damaged one or more pistons, or something in the crank case has failed.

    Sounds like the fuel system has problems. The fuel filter doesn't clog up unless there is junk in the fuel system to clog it.

    Click the links below for more info. The Fuji engined models require diligent fuel system maintenance. If not properly maintained the fuel system will degrade, and the resulting poor fuel delivery causes engine damage through lean burn.

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