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    1st generation Fizzle IC with bleed line mod.

    Guys the time has come to part the wifes RXP out (Blue ONe)

    Starting with the 1st generation Fizzle IC. (The one with the little bracket.) It work for me for over 55 hours with no issue what so ever.

    I am thinking $300 Shipped to your door and this includes everything needed to install it and shipping.

    8T-bolt clamps
    both charge pipes
    IC with bleed mod.
    little brackett
    Stock IC block off.

    Paypal fee's covered by you or send it as a personal gift so we don't have fee's.

    Pics will be latter, but it is a fizzle IC with blue couplers. SO most know what it is.

    I will add more parts slowly as I pull stuff off.

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