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    Rossier Water Routing

    Posted this over on pwct but haven't gotten too much insight so hey might as well see what you guys think..

    When the stock WR is not used what is its T fitting used for? Its either to feed the ecwi solenoid or the fitting in the stinger right? (assuming waterbox is plugged) If its used for the stinger where does the ecwi solenoid get its water?

    If I run the pipe without ecwi for a little in the beginning until I get some cash for it, would it be literally just bolted in identical to the stock pipe and plug the stinger or something?

    and I've read of people jetting the fuel return line? what for and what does this do?

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    jeez noone on here either? Ive searched as much as you can imagine and just cant find answers

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    call them,cant hurt

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    I got it figured out, thanks though. Any info or tips on installing it?

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