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    2001 XLT Engine Repair Questions

    Newbie here. I bought a project ski that needs engine repair based on a friends recommendation that people unload them instead of doing easy and cheap repairs. I have completely disassembled the the engine and here is what I found. It blew the rings off the 3rd piston and scored the cylinder. The 2nd cylinder has a very light mark, maybe 3/4" long by 1/16" wide running up the cylinder wall. I can barely catch my finger nail on it. Is this acceptable or does it need repaired? Metal got into the crank bearing and it feels rough. It was the bearing opposite the end crank lobe (not the one at the end near the coupling). There is no doubt it needs replaced. I checked out CrankWorks website and I'm not sure what it might cost to repair it. Any ideas? Do you typically replace all the bearings and seals? Right now I'm trying to determine if it is worth fixing or if I should part it out. What might it be worth parting out? It was used in fresh water and I'm not sure how many hours were on it. But visually it looks great, very clean. It still has pretty clear honing marks in the cylinders. Is there a way to check the hours with out actually starting the engine? The crank case has some scoring in it where the crank dragged material around (pic attached). Does that really have any effect on the case? Also the #3 cylinder head has move hit marks from the ring pieces (pic attached). Can I clean it up and reuse it or do I need a new/used one? Can't see that it will effect the compression much. Of course I have no idea why it had the problem since I got it in this condition form the seller. He just stated his teenage kids were riding it and put it up broke and didn't tell him. Who knows?

    If anybody lives in the Louisville, KY area and wants to share in the fun, just let me know.

    So this is my very crude list of potential costs:
    Repair 3rd cylinder: ~$230 (Millennium or US Chrome?) (pic attached)
    New OEM 3rd piston: ~$100
    Repair 2nd cylinder???: ~$230, Does it cost less for a small repair if necessary? (pic attached)
    Rings?: Should I replace them all?
    Crank Repair: Cost? (pic attached)
    3 carb rebuild kits: ~$120 (which and where is the best place to buy?)
    WaveEater Clips: $100 (is there a more economical option?)
    Premix kit: Cost?
    Any other parts?

    Is it worth it or should I part it out?

    This might be the start of a rebuild thread.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	#3 Crank Case Scoring.jpg 
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    Full gasket set.
    Rebuild crank.
    It you are going to all that expense. Add a light hone and fresh rings.

    You'll probably have $1000 in it though. May look for a doner engine with a few good cylinders/pistons. Could save a few hundred dollars.

    Could also look for rebuild engine. Probably cost $1200+

    Doing all the work will give you the confidence or what shape the engine is in however.

    Some "non running" skis can be a deal. Some not so much. It's a crap shoot. I've experience both. The key is to buy low,,, really low and expect the worst.

    Most of the time you can recover your purchase by parting it out in pieces, but it's a pain. Good luck.

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    Thanks, is there a way to check the engine hours with the engine out? Also, what are the main parts you sell when you part it out and what are they worth? Does that light scratch on the #2 cylinder make a difference or does it need repaired?

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    Welcome to the forum.
    To start with:
    replate cylinder/cylinders
    new crank
    carb rebuild
    piston kits
    used head

    The engine needs to be rebuilt at this point.

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    sbt has a top end kit, (trade) for around 700 new crank will run in the ball park of around 500 so i would look into a rebuild.... good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyd99xl12 View Post
    sbt has a top end kit, (trade) for around 700 new crank will run in the ball park of around 500 so i would look into a rebuild.... good luck
    OEM Is the way to roll If you hang out on the hulk!!!! speed bug will get YA!!!!!!!!

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    Don't listen to Lee^^^^...He doesn't even like XLTs.

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    whatever you decide do it right,for xlt I have used rebuilt crankshafts from sbt (much better nowe than previous yrs)I either replace cylinder with oem if its only one,or if youre planning on keeping it,sleeve the cylinders that way if you need to ever bore it again its simple,nikasil cylinders are great but many high performance two strokes are built with sleeved cylinders.As long as the machine shop does good work sleeves are fine!!>Marvin

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    Been away for a few days. Pretty much I looking having Crankworks rebuild the crank or doing the SBT trade-in. I will send the one scratched cylinder to Millenium, maybe the very lightly marked one also. I need to talk to them. Also looking to buy 1 or possible all new pistons. Any thoughts? I figured out how to test the display with the engine out and the ski has 146 hours on it. I'll rebuid the carbs and go pre-mix. Do I need to do anything with jetting?

    Who do you guys use for gaskets? Do you need to replace them all when you tear down an engine. Do you need to go OEM or the the aftermarket ones good? Probably alot more questions soon.

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