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    reset switch not hooked up? should i? hurricane

    ok the reset switch on a 700 twin hurricane i don't think it was hooked up when i got it (possible the switch is faulty its all salty), im only just putting it back 2gether after it was sitting here for some time and can't remember if it was hooked up or not i have no spare wires lol.

    a) what is this protecting?
    b) am i stupid not to re connect it?
    c) if its faulty will it still run without it?
    d) where is it ment to connect to?

    cheers bigo

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    The Reset switch is actually an electrical circuit breaker. It is intended to protect the system from overloads or shorts that could cause an electrical fire.

    A new one is not expensive, and are still available.

    It connects between the thin red wire that goes to the heavy battery cable (at the start solenoid), and the Red/Purple wire that feeds everything else in the electrical box.

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    ahhh cheers i can see where they have bypassed it now. thx

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