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    Question regarding Play in Steering Column - 2007 RXT

    Just purchased a used, cosmetically mint condition; 2007 RXT with 38 hours on it. I dropped it in the water for the first time today and everything on the ski seems perfect with one exception.

    There seems to be a small (very small) amount of play in the steering column. The play I am referring to is vertical; If you grab the handlebars and pull straight up toward your chest: the whole steering column seems to move a fraction of an inch.

    I noticed this steering column play during fast starts when it would occasionally make a clunking sound.

    Is this normal or something I should be concerned about? Is there an easy way to adjust or tighten?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I noticed this on my 08 GTX last ride but cant say if it was new or normal

    Took a fair bit apart and tightened everything but still play, appears to be in the bushings.

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    I had that on my 07 RXT.

    Can I ask what you paid for your 07?

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    I paid $6,500 with the trailer.

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    my 08 does that as well(220 hrs),i tightened up everything,and still have it.never noticed it when it was new, i assume its steering stem wear.

    there are 2 pinch bolts on the bottom of steering stem assembly(inside hull) that were loose on mine,tightening those helped a litttle(pia to reach)....

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