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    Would likd advise on a blow off valve

    I have purchased one of the fizzle intercoolers and I have been told by several people that I should run a blow off valve on my ski. I have a 2004 185hp GTX/SC and I have upgraded that clutch washers from Riva and have not put 100 hours on the ski yet since putting the washers in, however I have been told that the blow off valve will help to save the clutch washers. I am looking for the input. Thanks

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    some how someone has convinced most everyone on this forum that BOV's are useless.... if you cant tell i think the opposite of that (and my slippage tells me im right) but i wont argue with the mass's

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    no to the BOV and no to riva washers the new 2010 update kit with rotax racing washers are best

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