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    new pistion time?

    started to really look close at my motor tonight and see some issues. rebuilt it last year before the race season with WSM platinum pistons. It appears I have some slight scoring.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Although they feel smooth it doesn't look good. I think it is mainly the coating from the WSM platinum pistons. The plating looks good yet and I am happy cause I had two of them fixed last year.

    So do I just use some muriatic acid to lean these up and deglaze them with a scotch brite pad? And should I stay away from the WSM piston and go with Pro X pistons this time?

    Also thought I might pick up one of these to deglaze the cylinders. Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes stay away from wsm and go oem or prox. Mine came Part. Although you cylinders don't look bad... Two of my cylinders had scores and looked worse then yours but compression was still 150 ish so i ran it as a experement and lasted rest of the season which was 20'more hard hours .... So interesting to say the least ... But redid all 3 last year i had it.

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    I am tempted to put the heads on and run this the way it is for a race or two, but I do not want to spend another 200.00 bucks a hole to replate these jugs again. I believe it is the coating of the pistons that is wearing on the cross hatching. If you look into the exhaust port you can see it is worn, not the alum of the piston. I think I will mic out each jug and go with the Por-x pistons + min tollerance for piston size. The reason I state it that way is beacause when I sent the two cylinders to us chrome I had them redo them to the actual piston size of the WSM and I can't go off the ABCD code from Kawi anymore.

    I should go Wiseco but I want to have some rec use besides myself having to warm it up for everyone else that wants to ride it. And from what I have heard Wiseco's do not like any type of water intrusion.

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    Last time I stuck a wiseco I had my buddy hone the scratches out. The scratches werent bad, but dfinitely worse than what you have there. That would clen right up, he might even be able to size it to the new piston for you.... He goes by "2&4strokepolaristech" on the GH, hit him up maybe he can help

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    I took the scotch brite pad and some WD-40 to one of the cylinders tonight and most of that cleaned up. Have to get some acid to get some alum that stuck on in some spots. Looks like Pro-X might have stopped making pistons for the STXR and Ultra. Not seeing them listed on their site. I am going to call around to a few places to see if this is the case.

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    It looks like mine (with OEM pistons). Can you see the hone pattern when you look at it. If so I don't think it's anything to worry about.

    I'm running WSM Pistons at the moment but oddly my compression went from 150 exactly to 130 across the board. How does that happen???


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