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    Exhaust clamp question

    How do I get the exhaust clamp off?? I unscrewed the nut and it's loosened up, but I can't get it over the lips of the exhaust manifold and exhaust to waterbox.

    Where can I buy a good PDF format manual for my exact 08 RXP 255? The one I have sucks.

    What forum should I post questions in?

    Thanks guys

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    you need to completely unscrew the nut so the bolt will slip out of of the band.
    on the end of the bolt is a T head, you need to pop that T head out of the channel it is sitting in.
    mine was all stuck together with loctite from the factory. they overdo the loctite on this part
    you might need to use a mini blowtorch to heat the bolt where it slides thru the clamp to melt the loctite and free it up.
    once you get it apart you will see what i mean

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