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    Can you add cruise control to the speedster 200?

    I have the speedster 200 with 430 hp. Well my ol lady bout kills me when shes dragging me on the wakeboard. She goes from 9-35 miles per hour in a couple seconds. So when the water gets around your ancles she bout rips ya outta the bindings.

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    You might be able to add a perfect pass like the wakeboard boats have but you would have to change all kinds of stuff to adapt the factory cruise that comes on the 230 or 210 wake models

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    What type of cruise control comes on the wake models? Is it possible to buy that kind of cruise control?

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    I dont think it is possible without serious $$$$$$$$...All the new sportboats that have cruise control have the ITC (Intellegent Throttle Control) setup whihc has 1 throttle for both engines.....They now use throttle by wire where as yours uses 2 throttle and 2 cables....You would have to get new throttle bodies, new control head and i would guess new ECU's

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    I have an 07 230 challenger se and it has a single throttle for both motors. Could I add perfect pass to my setup? thanks, joel

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    perfect pass

    yes you can add it call them they supply the whole kit.

    Note as factory it only controls one engine same as speedster 200 wake.

    but they can control both if you ask.

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