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    Yamaha GP800 Rectifier

    I have a 2000 Yamaha GP800, I know the battery isn't charging since I'm not gettin a voltage bump up to 13/13.5 when I start the ski. I opened up the electrical box to try to see if my problem was the stator or the rectifier/regulator. I get between 30VAC and 140VAC coming off the stator (depending on RPM) and about 1VDC to 3VDC volts coming out of the rectifier/regulator with the stator plugged in. I'm 99% sure I need a new rectifier/regulator but I'm just makin sure...

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    I have all the parts in absolute mint condition if you need. Pm me if you need anything!
    I am willing to sell my whole electrical with stator cover and Electrical box with spare CDI for 200 plus shipping if you want. This way you have spares. I am selling it because I sold my 800 stuff for a bigger engine. Low time on all. Came out of a 2001 xlt800
    All thats not included is display and servo motor as its sold already.

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