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    where can i find a stator for my gp1200 65u motor?? cheapest place for new one?

    hey guys, im in aus, i need a new stator for my 1999 gp1200.. yamaha dealer over here wants $650 trade price!! lol so i dont mind waiting if any one knows of a shop that myt ship one to me???

    any help at all would be great!! cheers!!


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    First off start by asking in the right section, I moved the thread to the old school section for you. I have found them on the forums and on ebay just have to look often and everywhere.

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    sorry if it was in the wrong section..

    iv looked for a fair while now, on the internet for a place that sells them NEW, i dont want a seccondhand one as it will probably fail again!

    i was tryna ask if any one has a local ski shop or internet shop they have used b4 to buy somthing like this for a cheap price, as they are so expensive here in australia!! lol

    are there any big internet shops i could try?

    ebay havnt had any new ones on there for 6 months..

    thanx, mark.

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    also if some one knows the exact part number of the stator on a gp1200 1999 that would be greeeat too

    thanx in advance!!

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    Stator assembly part number: 65U-85510-00-00 is a reliable and good priced online store. The stator sells for about $250 US dollars.

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    Have John at Jetski Solutions rebuild it better than stock.

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    Don't buy one new from unless you really need it now. In season these things usually are around. I sold a few last year for around $125

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