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Thread: My new setup

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    My new setup

    i have rxp 2007 redsea rider and hot weather. erverything in the jet is stock except mod exhuast and solar 14/19

    i want add some mods so i choose this setup

    2rude charger(if front house and spacer are included) or riva xxcharger, fizzle XS IC, bosch #42, and rrfpr, top loader, and front air intake
    i have some Qs
    is it good for daily use like hard playing or its only race set up?or i shuld replace some OEM to handle mod parts?
    whats the HP in this setup?
    how often should i rebulit charger kit? is it everyl100 hrs like OEM charger?

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    nobody knows

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    If you want reliability and extra power, get a X charger, 4" intake and 42lb injectors. Run that with your stock intercooler and you will love the extra pull,awesome for wave jumping.

    For you to fit a 2rude you would either have to buy the whole supercharger or have you rear housing machined to accept the bigger wheel, to fit the XX charger you either need a X charger to bolt it on to, or have your rear housing worked for that wheel.

    The maintenance when running a big charger is higher, you have to check slip more often and re-build more often.. I would not recommend it for daily riding/hard playing, you will be re building the clutch very often.

    The other issue is fuelling, with the bigger boost you need to make sure the fuelling is good, if not you will run lean and cause engine damage. This means fitting a AF gauge to watch the fuel mixture and adjust the RRFR accordingly.

    Don't get me wrong big boost is awsome, but you have to realistic about what you want, if you want some extra punch and reliability then you cannot go far wrong with the X charger, it's upgradable, and good on it's clutches.

    You could add the XS cooler but you will need the RRFPR with the X charger, any more boost on the XS cooler and you will need the 48lb injectors.

    Do some reading, there is a lot of info on different setups and what is needed to run them.


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    I did a lot of search until I got confused lol

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