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    easiest way to see if recomended mods have been done. 2001 gp1200r

    I recently bought a 2001 gp1200r. It has the sensor for the cat removal but this is the only sign that it has been removed. I would like to complete all of the suggested mods before I run it this summer.

    Is there an easy way to tell if that cat con has been removed/wave eater clips installed and new reeds without taking everything apart?

    On a side note, when I fist start the ski, I get full speed out of the ski for about 10 seconds and then it wont go over 3-5 mph. If I wait a while, I can get another 10 seconds out of it then the same 3-5mph. Could this be carbs? I know it sat a while before I bought it. I have also read that it could be plugs or fuel filter. One thing I havent read on this site but was suggested by a buddy is a collapse in the fuel line causing a blockage. Has anyone heard of this happening with a jet ski? My buddy has seen this on out board motors.


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    Carbs need to be cleaned. Mine did that last year

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    Mark wlcome to the forum and congrats on the ski. If you decide to get an intake grate and rideplate, I have them both for sale.!!!

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    Thanks speed freak..I'm going to order the carver kits,today.

    I might take you up on that upgraded.. I need to see what it,is gonna cost to get the ski running this week.

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    if its the plugs it will run rough as soon as you start it, you can easily check them by puling them out and seeing if they are fouled.

    the carbs are well known to get clogged up and do need to be rebuilt every 100 hours or so, how many hours are on the ski?

    can you give us some more information on what happens and what it sounds like when it does it as it will help isolate the problem?

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