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    Carbon seal question

    I changed my carbon seal, and the S/S bushing and shaft seals and boot. To test it I ran the garden hose into the shaft bellows under the ski and I get little water pushing past the carbon seal. If I run the ski it throws a steady drip from around the carbon seal. Is the garden hose too much water pressure or did do something wrong? Thanks Rick

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    The real way to test it is to put it in the water and give it a quick ride and see if it still leaks....If it does still leak then it Sounds like you may need a new accordian boot also

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    Sorry I changed the boot as well, the new boot was about 1/8 of a inch longer than the old one. The lake is about 30 miles away and its still a little cold. I was hoped using the hose would be a quick check for any major problems, but now I a worried because I didn't use the hose on the old seal to see it it seeped as well. Thanks Rick

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