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    Question Replaced rotarty shaft but now bad oil leak.... need help, please!

    Last December I replaced the rotary shaft (it had a burred up brass gear) and rebuilt the top end in a 1996 SeaDoo GTI. Got it back into the ski and cranked it up for 30 seconds. All looked good. Happened to look over in the ski the NEXT DAY and saw oil in the bottom of the ski. The oil tank had emptied. I didn’t find any loose hoses. Since I keep the ski in a workshop… I let it sit just like that until yesterday. (Now that it is getting warmer I want this thing running soon! Gotta get to working on it!) I checked for loose hoses once again, but to no avail. So I pulled the engine back out and sat it on a work bench. I also pulled the oil tank out and hooked all the lines back up to the engine. I filled the oil tank with ½ quart of oil to see if it would still leak. Within 5 minutes it had emptied again! I noticed that it is going straight into the rotary shaft and filling the bottom of the engine.

    What did I miss? Why is it draining into the engine so quickly? I know it is gravity fed to the rotary valve… but this is apparently running past the valve and getting down into the engine. Did I install the valve incorrectly? There is a seal that I pressed in during the installation. Wonder if that got bent somehow? That is the only think I can think might be wrong. But want to check with you guys before I disassemble the whole thing and split the case again.

    Comments are appreciated!

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    you made sure the main seal was on the shaft correct?

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    That's what i would check the seal on the rotary shaft. Plug one side of the oil pipe inlets and put a little preassure on the other side and listen where the air leaks. Use only a little air 5psi max.

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