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    Toggin On My Ski At The CBBT

    I towed my jet ski to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and dropped at Kiptopeke State Park around 0930. I then ran to The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and fished for Tog at the High Rise and the Third and Fourth Islands. I caught 6 of the toothy critters using live fiddler crabs and clams. It was not bad today with air temp about 40 degrees and water right at 49. Seas were 2-3 foot.
    Two days ago I brought my ski to Albert of Martins Custom Structures, he added four more rod holders and a hand rail on each side of my leaning post on the ski, I like the way it came out.
    I took a lot of pictures today, I saw a lot of cool things so I could not help myself. Here they are;

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    Wow! Awesome pics! Thats quite a spread of wild life. Its a shame we dont see so much of it up here in the upper bay. With all the illegal gill netting i suppose its just as well. Been out fishing once so far this year and i'm looking forward to making a removable rod holder rack to troll with my new pen fathoms for some Rockfish come may. Always look forward to your pics Brian.

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    great pics as always!

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