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    How are these guys getting away with "selling" the manuals?

    What gives? People on eBay forever now have been "selling" the pdf service manuals. Some have over 1000 feedback.

    Pretty sure they're not licensed by Yamaha or anyone else to do so.

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    FX SHO, FX Cruiser SHO
    ©2007 by Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
    1st Edition, December 2007
    All rights reserved.
    Any reprinting or unauthorized use
    without the written permission of
    Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
    is expressly prohibited.
    Printed in USA

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    I dunno, but I bought a Seadoo manual on Ebay from mmanuals on cd. It was the best 10.00 I have ever spent. I took it to staples and it cost me $40 to print it. I would pass up a stack of playboys to read that thing.

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