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    grinding/shaping grate blades?

    Hi, I've got my Riva intage grate out of my RXP and before i put it back in with my plate, i was wondering how many of you have ever grinded doen the trailing edges of the grate's "wing"?

    In other words, the rearward edge of the wing/scoop. If you look at them in stock form, there is some thickness to these and Ive seen somewhere in the forums that 1 guy had grinded his scoop's rearward edge to a thin edge. Is this supposed to help water leave the scoop without any air/cavitation coming from it? Anyone ever see any gains in doing this or is it a waste of effort?

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    I've ground the *leading* edges of the Blades and Wing to a knife edge---left the trailing alone

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    Any positive results? Notice anything at all?

    I know someone out there has done the trailing edges....??

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    Bump for the night crew

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    dude you sound like the 2 stroke ppl back in the day just bump more boost n fuel to get more mph

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlamazing View Post
    dude you sound like the 2 stroke ppl back in the day just bump more boost n fuel to get more mph in the middle of a carbon ring replacement/rideplate mod. So while all this shit is removed, im trying not to forget any simple and free shit to do
    Actually, ive never thought of the grate blades until I saw a post in here a few months ago. It actually makes sence in theory. I mean, look what everyone does to true their hulls and all the pump tricks/parts. So i figure, whats a loss in grinding time to a grate blade? (if it gives results, that is if i can find out. which is the reason for this thread).

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