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    SLXH exhaust - will it fit on 2001 Virage TX?

    I've been offered an exhaust pipe from a 1998 SLXH 1050 - part number is 1260812 - 093.
    Will this fit on my 2001 Virage TX?
    This is the main exhaust pipe from the manifold to the waterbox.
    Thought I'd better check in case it won't fit.
    Anyone any idea on this?

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    It would fit but I doubt it is chambered/tuned correctly for the 1200. The part # only crosses to 900/1050 engines.

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    Thanks for that. I'll give it a miss & look out for one specifically for my virage.

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    What happened to the pipe that was on it? I have a pipe from a 1200, I didnt know they were different.

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    pretty sure the pipes are the same its the brass fitting at the top thats different

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    I think Dougs right. I believe it's only the brass fitting that changes the part number.

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    The 1050 red pipe is a slight performance upgrade for a stock 1200, since the brass fitting injects slightly less water...usually worth a few RPM on top. I used a 900 red pipe (same as 1050) on a Pro 1200, and it worked just fine.

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