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Thread: MoTeC Dash RXTX

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    MoTeC Dash RXTX

    Hi Guys
    Just completed an SDL3 set up for a Turbo RXTX
    Took some quick pics before dismantling to send off to the customer
    Sorry for the poor quality of the pics (the flash on my $25.00 camera effected the display somewhat) but you get the idea of what we have done.

    The whole set up simply snaps into the same location as the existing dash. No nuts or bolts involved.
    A custom loom is required and was constructed using a new factory looms connectors.


    The SDL3 can be set up to do virtually anything but I have configured it as follows.
    Left trim buttons are fed to the dash which in turn controls a trim motor or whatever trim or flap system you might want to fit.
    When the dash detects the trim buttons being used it over rides the current bottom line values and displays the trim level as a percentage value.
    The Mode Button on the right hand handle bar acts as an alarm acknowledge button so if any of the 20 odd alarms go off and the red light starts flashing you can get rid of it by pushing this button.
    The alarm goes away if the trigger condition is no longer true ie not over heating any more, but if the trigger condition is still true “overheating” then the alarm will come back to annoy the rider.
    If you are on the last lap of the world finals race then maybe you will get rid of the alarm and keep going.

    The Set button underneath is the “Next line command” this triggers the dash to scroll the lower alpha numeric line to the next set of values. In this case the channels contained on each row are
    1. Lambda – Boost – RPM
    2. Fuel Pressure
    3. Exhaust Temp
    4. Throttle position
    5. Oil Temp
    6. Air Temp
    7. Fuel Level
    8. Muffler Temp
    9. Nozzle Pressure
    10. Battery Voltage
    You get 20 lines to fill of what ever you want.

    All those channels are alarmed (other than the throttle and nozzle pressure), when each alarm goes off the channel value over rides the bottom line and a message tells the rider what is wrong.
    Serious alarms flash the red light in the top left corner.

    The 2 far right buttons “up and down” trigger the centre numeric up and down between 0 and 9
    This number is sent back to the ECU on the CAN bus and is used by the ECU to give 9 different boost (Power) strategies.
    Each boost strategy has different amounts boost not only at peak RPM but also through the midrange, the ECU also uses that same number channel to activate different ign, fuel and E throttle compensations. This allows for 10 completely different power/economy set ups.

    Currently I have it configured so that when the dash is turned on it goes straight to number 9.
    This suits closed course racing where max power is usually needed to win the hole shot.
    The rider can then dial back the power if desired.
    You can see from the pic the current channels we are displaying on the “Race” page but there are also 2 other pages “Warm Up” and “Practice” which have different information on them. You toggle between the different pages by holding down the Mode button for more than 1.5 seconds.

    Am using the brake lever (left side) “In this case” to activate the launch strategy.
    The rider pulls on the lever and then holds the throttle flat.
    The signal from the brake lever is sent back to the ECU to activate the antilag.

    The engine will build some boost and sit at around 2100 rpm.
    The brake lever can then be lifted slowly back to increase the rpm by small amounts if the holders can handle the extra RPM, this will allow more boost and a better hole shot result.
    While this is going on the 5 right hand LEDs on the SLM will change colour as boost builds.

    No boost = dull orange
    Low boost = Blue

    Good boost = Bright Green
    Over boost = Red (yes there is such a thing) J


    Left red one is used for alarms and is turned on or flashed depending on alarm importance
    The right green light is configured to come on at a particular boost level.
    For example 24 PSI
    This allows the rider to see a particular boost level without reading a number
    I have set it so that on the highest boost setting the light will just go at peak boost.

    The rider can then see how the turbo is behaving. One of the alarms I have is for over boost so that will bring on both the red and green together and a message saying over boost followed by $$$$$$$$$$$$ J
    Lap times

    Using the connected GPS and the Set button I have created the ability to generate really accurate lap times which can be displayed each time a lap is completed. The rider marks a location on a lap once using the set button, from that time every time the rider goes past that point a lap time is logged and displayed.
    This feature is particularly useful for testing different handling set ups under controlled water conditions. Lap times are better than 2 hundreds of a second accurate so even small changes to something like sponsons would show up as a faster or slower time.
    The nice thing is that the next time the rider tests at that location the beacon point is stored in the dash and the lap times just start working.

    Just because I could.

    All channels from the ECU are sent to the SDL3 via the CAN bus. This includes the obvious ones like RPM and Manifold pressure but also the 3 individual knock level channels
    I have used the SDL3 to create conditions that trigger the SLM in different ways depending on the knock levels of each cylinder.
    In short it goes like this
    The three left LED’s on the SLM represent each cylinder.
    Each LED goes a different colour and brightness depending on the knock level of that cylinder.
    If the level gets too high on any one cylinder I turn on all 8 LED’s full brightness red.

    Auto Start

    Nearly forgot one of the coolest features
    Yes its got no real advantage but I have the start button wired into the SDL3. The button triggers a timer that I use in my "Start Condition"
    The start condition remains true for 4 seconds OR RPM greater than 400. I send that condition over to the ECU via the CAN bus.
    The ECU then operates the starter relay.
    So to make the engine go you simply tap the start button and the engine auto cranks and starts.

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    That looks awesome Pete

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    Damn That is awesome!! Big bucks I bet!!

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    electronic porn!

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    I need one

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    Buy one through Jerry and I will do the mounting plate, laser lettering and lights for free.

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    how much does a setup like that cost?

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    2700+$ for the dash with logging dash ........ so the online store says

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    This set up is part of an entire electronics and electrics upgrade.
    It was for a full race ski with an M400 and all new wiring, thats why I had so much versatility.
    You can get pricing for the Dash itself from Jerry,s shop and as a stand alone product I am sure we could hook it into the factory CAN bus to display engine parameters etc.
    The real advantages shine thru for the racer when it is used in conjunction with an aftermarket ECU.
    Endurance racing in particular have the advantage of monotoring the overall operation of the ski and effectively tuning it in the fly to get them to the end.
    You can see when things are starting to go wrong and actively do something about it, you caneven set it up to tell you fuel stratagy information like how long before the next refuel, you could dial back the power and increase the economy a little if you knew it would save you one last fuel stop. "Mark Haan style race"

    ---------- Post added at 02:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 PM ----------


    I forgot one of the coolest features
    Have added the details to the original post


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    Quote Originally Posted by MoTeC Pete View Post
    Buy one through Jerry and I will do the mounting plate, laser lettering and lights for free.
    You're the man Pete. Thank you sir!

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