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    Anyone near Columbus, GA or AL area?

    Looking for some contacts in the Columbus, GA ... AL area? Looking for a 1200 or 1300 jet ski right now and would love some advice, etc on buying and once I buy advice on mod.

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    go with the 1300 F/I so much better than carb's,just make sure you have pump tunnel reinforced and from there your pocket book is the limiting factor
    try to find later model hull is lighter and you get pump spacer AND remember the search button is your friend



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    Appreciate it. If he doesn't have any better offers I think ill be able to get the 03 1300 for 3k. I will have to save up from there for maybe the stage 1 or 2 kit. I am not a mechanic and am wondering where I would get that installed and how much it would be? I know the stage 1 kit alone is like 1600 or so?

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