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    Cool Hey all you adrenaline junkie's Watch this Moab in Utah Swing line

    Moab in Utah swing line

    Adrenaline high

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftr0432 View Post
    Moab in Utah swing line

    Adrenaline high

    Nothing like a chick on rope

    Great little vid. I "did" Moab a few years ago... the SRT kicked my ass but the scenery was beautiful. Day 2 included Bartlett's Wash (?). And we got to see some jeep rock climbing out on Potato Salad.

    Had an opportunity to do some canyoneering last year, but couldn't make it.

    I'll have to send that vid link to my canyoneering buds... they're either going to Zion or back to Moab this fall...

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    That would be fun at lake Powell. But letting go of the rope would be all about timing. And slapping the water could mess you up.

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    HELL no...not a CHANCE!! My heart was racing just watching the camera look over the edge...

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    Very cool! definitely interested after I just had a blast ziplining in mexico!

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