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    97 Seadoo XP question

    okay guys, we bought a 97 Seadoo XP. we knew it needed the carbs rebuilt, we rebuilt the carbs and replaced all the fuel lines. we checked the compression and had 150 on one cylinder and 145 on the other. put new plugs in and tried to crank it, it would sound like the bendix was hitting the flywheel, we pulled the starter and everything was fine. if we pull the plugs out it spins over fine, put the plugs back in and we're back to the hitting the flywheel sound, almost acts like it hydrolocked but theres no water in it. any ideas?

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    bad/weak battery or bad ground wire, they have a tendency to corrode under the motor. replace the wire and I bet you fix your problem

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    thank you, i'll replace it tomorrow.

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