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    04 Gpr 1300 HELP

    i have been working on my 1300 all winter just put on riva stage 1 + Reed stuffers (stage 2 minus the heads). ran it a few weeks ago with a solas 13/19 that i ran all last summer stock. It ran great i was very impressed 68.6 mph @ 7250. called riva and ordered a setback 13/20 also shimmed the rear of the rideplate with 4 washers 2 on each side. i was a little worried about the setback impeller at first it seemed really tight, i spun the driveshaft with and impact gun and it loosed up. i dropped the impeller on the ground at one point bent one of the corners just a little, i straitened it back out looks fine as far as i can tell. Anyways.... tested her out today .It seemed to of lost some of that acceleration i was so impressed with. top speed was 66.8 mph @ 7260 rpms???? how is that possible shouldn't they have dropped with the new 13/20 setback and shouldn't i be over 70 just a little. it also has a bog between 4500 and 5500 rpms (50ish mph) i didnt notice that before but i might of never not had er wide open last time lol. cant remeber my fuel settings but i did what most people said to do on here with a similar setup not what riva said.

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    also want to change the pump grease next time i take the pump apart, seems like everyone on here does something different any suggestions on what to use?

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    Just because it says 13/20 out of the box doesnt mean it is especially after dropping it. you may want to send it off to have it trued. and if someone removed the washer on the stock prop and you put a setback impeller on it may be binding. if it is binding you need to put the stock washer back on it or find one that fits.

    some here are using grease and oil to make a slurry to replace the grease in the stator bearings.

    on the ride plate make sure you have a little step up from the pump shoe to the ride-plate.

    Hope this helps

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    You changed the prop and said you shimmed the rear of the ride plate? Shimming the ride plate will slow it down and run about the same speed. Take the shims will go faster.

    Also you changed from a 13/19 to a setback 13/19? Not much difference there...they will run about the same speed with the setback suppose to give a little better hookup.

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    thanks for the replys.... i shimmed to stop the purposing think im going to take one washer out and try it again. i did notice when i let off the throttle its like someone slammed on the brakes. as for the prop i went to from a 13/19 solas to a 13/20 setback i dont ever remeber taking a washer out???? it had a stock prop in it when i first got the ski it was a 4 blade all chewed up like it was run in a sandbar. i called riva today they told me to send the prop out and get it trued like you said mudslinger and also that i should have a 14/20 i guess everyone has a diff opinion at riva. is the first number the pitch i thought i was going up in pitch with the 13/20 i need to drop my rpms as i am at 7260 right now

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    i was really hoping to be a little over 70... buying the parts was the easy part i guess now the headaces begin till i get it right

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    Shimming the rideplate will stop the bounce but often slows you down. Have you stepped the sponsons? That will help without a speed loss. You can also shim the trim tabs instead of shimming the rideplate....might give you better results.

    I see on the prop 13/19 to a 13/20. First number is the pitch on leading edge....second numbers is pitch on the trailing.

    One your ski I would go with a 14/20....if your sending the prop off just get it pitched to a 14/20. Another thing- all new props will not be true....sometimes all 3 blades will be slightly different pitch.

    Read up on will find out you can make that ski run 70mph+ easily. If you have a full stage 2 minus the heads? you can actually remove some of those parts and gain speed if your after more top speed. You can send me a message and I will help you best I can.

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    spoonsoons are stepped.. learned about that on here. i will search about shimming the trim tabs never heard that before. i will post a pic of my rideplate and pumpshoe tomorrow the rideplate sits a lot lower than the shoe where they meet is that ok?

    i think your right i'm going send it out and get it trued and made a 14/20. i still have the 13/19 if i don't like it. Where do you guys send them? i was going to get mine done local but they probably send it out anyway.

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    I send my props to Impros. Also I think Jim's Performance on this site pitches props.

    You want the rideplate to sit higher up into the hull....higher than the pump shoe slightly so the front edge will not catch water and slow it down.

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