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    Little Bug Rides

    OK here it is. Now rather than taking over the MB threads as we have done we can just do our discussing before "officially" posting a ride in that section.....

    This thread is for all the Gulf Coast ares riders who may want to start getting together for good times like we had 19 March. Here we can discuss the when and where and talk all about it. It seems we definately could and should start getting together a little more often than once or twice a year. Most of us ride just a couple hours away from eachother so I see no reason that we can not do it more often.

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    I will check with our group over here. Maybe we can work a ride in over here before MB.

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    "Well Dr., it all started w/a jet ski... now it seems I have this "little bug" problem..." Hey 'sportsmn, I like the title of this thread. I would hope to make the next little bug, but it would be date dependent. We shall see... I've got to get that HS Sr. on his way

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    I'd be up for some FL Ridin too

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