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    Should I get a block guard?

    I will be taking my head off next week, and installing Ferrea valves, Riva studs, and a Rude valvetrain upgrade. I will be running a aftermarket ECU soon, and also plan to upgrade to a Rude 2. So should I install the block guard while its apart? Will I need a Block Guard?

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    I don't think you "need" a block guard but it def wont hurt having one in there. I have not read of anyone breaking the stock sleeves but im not saying it hasn't been done. I believe people do this mod more for piece of mind than actually needing it but that's just my opinion. Are there any companies out there that will resleeve these blocks? I know when I was big into B-Series Honda engines if you were making big power you wouldn't run a block guard, but instead have the entire block resleeved for better reinforcement.

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