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    Ultra lx or fxho cruiser

    Well the 08 fx I was looking at fell through so im nacl to square one.. Im really fighting myself on which to get the lx or fx... They both have their pros and cons... Anyone here ridden both?

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    RXP. or RXP-X. I know that was not in the choices you gave. I have ridden both and I like the RXP's better. That's why I have 3 of them. I feel that it is an easier ski to work on and you get more for your money. JMO!!

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    FXHO all the way, rides like a freaking caddy, good speed, great gas consumption...

    It's a yamaha!

    I just got an '06 FXHO cruiser and already love it.

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    The ultra lx is dead reliable, they use the same motor as a 15f but with work top out at 60mph (fastest I know of) you may be better off with the ho.


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    HO. My neighbor has one and it is a great ski. That LX is gonne be real sluggish considering how heavy it is and not having a charger.

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