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    MSX 110 Stuck in Idle Mode

    I bought an MSX110. Ran fine for a few days. Now it runs sometimes after warming up for several minutes, but frequently gets stuck in slow idle mode with the Check Engine Light on.

    I had a local Polaris Dealer look at it. They say everything checks out so it must be the EMM module which costs $ 2200 to replace and program.

    Any ideas ? Could they be right ? Thanks for any help ...

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    How confident was the dealer that it must be the EMM causing the problem?

    Where are you located?

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    Not much info to go on but I would not rush out and replace the ecu yet, especially at that price. You can pick up a good used unit for less than $400 most days.
    Start with suspecting the exhaust temp sensor and or the cooling water that keeps it cool. This includes the orifice that sprays water into the Exhaust outlet.
    This is only a start point. More details will help diagnose the problem.
    Happy trouble shooting.

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    I'm not very confident about the troubleshooting skills of the marina that checked it out. They said they checked "everything else" so it must be the ECU.

    I'm located in Birmingham Alabama.

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    Are there any good service centers near Birmingham ?

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