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    Am I getting the right speed please help

    Hey guys I have a 2007 rxp that I just put mods on. And im only getting 70.8 at 8180 to 8200 rpm I know I have to pitch my 15/20. But is this the right speed before I pitch it?? I hope u guys can help me. Thanks in advance
    Here are my mods
    Power filter,x charger,power cooler, 42ibs,rear exhaust, water box, 15/20r,pump wedge,extension rod,o.p.a.s, intake grate,rrfpr, greedy bov, and reduction nozzle

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    I've gotten over 76 with the mods in my not personally familiar with your air intake or you power cooler though. And which intake grate are you using? what size reduction nozzle?
    My speeds are with 8100-8150rpms, cool temps, low fuel.

    I wouldnt pitch the prop untill you figure out why you're only getting 70.8
    My prop is totally off the shelf 15/20.

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    Speed is almost 8 mph off... What gps are you using?
    If Your turning a 15/20 at 8200 rpm you should be at least 76...
    Stock nozzle?

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    Im using the riva intake grate and a 82mm. Also I notice that my exhaust is not loud why is that??

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    Im using the riva intake grate and a 82mm. Also I notice that my exhaust is not loud why is that??

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    are u using a gps to measure ur speed or the gauge on ur instrument cluster, the gps is needed for accuracy the cluster doesnt go much above 70

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    Yes I am using a gsp

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